About SeeMe

Forging hearts, trailer from SeeMe on Vimeo.



The Story

SeeMe employs women, often single mothers, who have suffered violence and were ostracized from their communities. Through training, SeeMe women learn the craft of jewellery making following ancient Tunisian techniques. Thus, while fostering their country's traditions they also secure a workplace for themselves and a future for their families.

The Founder 

Caterina Occhio, founder and CEO of SeeMe, is a former development aid manager with over 15 years experience in supporting employment and institutional reform. In her quest to help and improve women’s conditions in the MENA region, in 2013 Occhio launched SeeMe.

The Partners and Producers

All this would not be possible without the support of our local partner, the Association Amal pour la Famille et l'Enfant and our fairtrade certified producer in Tunisia Bijoux Moderne Tunis.