SeeMe is a fair trade certified luxury brand that produces heart shaped jewelry and accessories and provides ethical sourcing for other fashion brands. All of its pieces are handmade by women who have been victims of violence. By wearing the heart, SeeMe clients join the #heartmovement, a worldwide movement that aims at replacing violence with love.

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Press coverage
"Dit is niet alleen maar praten, dit is ook doen."
Hoe de rich bitch een beschermvrouwe werd
NRC NEXT - February 10, 2016
Vogue Business People
VOGUE BUSINESS GERMANY - November 01, 2015
"Mi ha colpito e conquistato - Cristina Lucchini"
Questione di cuore
GLAMOUR ITALIA - September 01, 2015
"Creati dalle donne per le donne."
Heart Jewel
Vogue Gioiello - July 01, 2015
"C'è un luogo segreto in Tunisia dove nascono cuori d’argento dal battito italo-olandese."
Questione di un battito
MARIE CLAIRE ITALIA - March 07, 2015
"The fact that her business model is working is a sign of things to come."
Women's Hour: Jewellery and Power - Suzy Menkes
"Entre art contemporain et poésie, ces combinaisons détonnantes ont déjà séduit les it-girls romaines. De quoi montrer son coeur, à l’aube de la belle saison."
L’objet du désir : une robe qui a du coeur
L'OFFICIEL PARIS - April 02, 2015
"De lievelingsketting van Linda de Mol "
Koop een gouden hart en steun de
LINDA. - November 07, 2014
"The brand becomes an instant success and in the first year Occhio and her Turkish artisans even produced a capsule collection of crochet collars and gloves for Karl Lagerfeld."
SEEME and the #heartmovement - High-end jewellery and fair trade
NOWFASHION - February 22, 2014
Caterina Occhio
Founder, CEO
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