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SeeMe HeartSister: Eva Geraldine

May 22, 2018

SeeMe HeartSister: Eva Geraldine

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Tell us about yourself:

French/Italian Art director and Fashion consultant. I started my career as a Fashion Editor in New York, now I live between London and Milan. I am an Ambassador for sustainable fashion and a proud owner of a golden retriever called George.

What’s your SeeMe story? What do you think about our jewelry

The heart is my personal sign from the universe to go for something. It goes without saying that I am now a SeeMe collector

What is sisterhood for you?

Sisterhood is empowering and supporting every women, and at the same time inspire them with your life. One of my motto is: “lead by example”

Who are your heart sisters?

Every human being. And animals. And nature.

What makes your heart sing?

Kindness, sparkle it all around!

Share a difficult moment that made your heart stronger.

I think that every fight, every disappointment and every failure is an opportunity to grow. To be honest, it’s not easy. But I try to see things that way.

Where will your heart bring you next?

You will find me in London, for sure.

How much is:

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