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Write Me Necklace

Live me.  Remember me. Write me. 

Your jewelry becomes more special than ever with our personalized option, now you can write your story on necklaces and bracelets with any letter you want. 

The "Write Me" collection is specially crafted and designed to be personalized. Necklaces, bracelets and pendants become unique and meaningful because of 

Silver or Silver Gold Plated Chains with Stones and Silver Beads, 
Length: 80 cm with 3 cm extension, 
Silver 925. 

Silver Heart, 
Diameter: ± 0,5 cm 
Silver 800.

± 1 cm
Silver 800.
Stones Available : Amethyst (Purple), Agathe (White), Onyx (Black).
Write your preference in the notes.

Available in :
- Recycled Silver 800, 925 Silver Plated
- Recycled Silver 800, 24k Fair mines Gold Plated

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