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The Manifesto

We at SeeMe we want to stand right at the crossing of fashion and fair trade.
We believe that it's about time that:


  • Fashion gets more ethical and transparent

    • we must know who made our clothes and where they come from: transparency of the production chain is a must

    • what we use has to make happy not just us, but also the people who made it: ethical working standards need to become the standard

    • what we wear needs to be authentic: it should to tell also the story of the country it comes from

    • traditional craftsmanship is to be treasured not smashed by fast fashion

    • we need to have products that last longer than a season: no seams coming apart after only a few turns in the wash

    • we want less plastic and more green materials in our pretty boxes

  • Fair trade gets more cool and chic

    • no more flower power stuff: fair trade is not an excuse for bad design

    • traditional craftsmanship has to be used to create modern objects: no granny stuff

    • we want our order to arrive on time: service has to be super professional 

    • we want our items to last long: ethical jobs cannot justify poor quality

    • we like are boxes to be green but also pretty


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