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SeeMe X The Circle, Annie Lennox's NGO

We are proud and honour to present a new jewellery collection to celebrate The Circle's 10th anniversary. Discover it here!

The Circle is an NGO set up by Annie Lennox to work towards equality for some of the most disempowered women and girls across the globe in a fairer world.

“I am so incredibly proud and humbled by what we have achieved. Over the past ten years the charity has supported more than 140,000 women and girls in over 16 countries, produced two ground breaking legal analysis reports and advocated on many issues but especially around ending violence against women and ensuring a living wage for millions of women in the garment industry. Not only do we want to celebrate this achievement but also reconfirm our commitment to challenge and change the injustices facing so many women and girls around the globe. It has never been more needed in this climate of change.  Buying a piece from this collection is a way to support our work and the women we strive to make a difference to as well as a symbol of your personal commitment to global feminism.", Annie Lennox

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