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Fair luxury is here to grow

May 11, 2015

Fair luxury is here to grow

Our founder, Caterina Occhio, spoke at Conde Nast International conference on luxury.

In the words of Suzy Menkes who invited Caterina: Empowering women is what the session's final speaker, Caterina Occhio of SeeMe, has used to do good. Her heart-shaped necklaces are made by female victims of violence around the world, who are given the opportunity to escape and create.

"There are too many women that need a new chance in life, and in dignity," Caterina explained. "I strongly believe - not in charity - but in work, and I wanted to create a fairtrade company, making things that are beautiful for people everywhere see," she continued. The fact that her business model is working is a sign of things to come.

"It's an indication that a new trend is here - more luxury clients are asking, 'Who makes your products and where are they made?' Fair luxury, as I like to call it, is here to grow."

Article featured in Vogue InternationalVogue DE, Vogue UK, Vogue Mexico, Vogue Japan, Vogue Turkey, Anna dello Russo blog

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