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SeeMe Heartsister: Kenza Fourati

June 15, 2018

SeeMe Heartsister: Kenza Fourati

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Q: What is your SeeMe story?

It might have been through the first powerful image of my friend Marie and her son. It is even more powerful when you know Marie is a single mother. She raised the bravest, coolest boy I know by herself. I love the SeeMe love and the story behind it.

Q: What do you like most about the SeeMe heart?

I love the jewelry. I can't explain but I feel empowered when I wear it, I feel part of a tribe, a sisterhood. Even more since I became a mother, and understood all of the sacrifices and emotions my own mothers and mothers go through

Q: What does “Heart Sister” mean to you?

Sisterhood is having your back without having to explain it, feeling, understanding what the other person goes through, even if it is from a completely different walk of life. Without judgement, being there and ask nothing back. Being all in “this”-life- together

My heart sisters are the tribe of women who share the same empathy towards the world.

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Q: Where is your heart leading you to next?

I am going to sydney, Australia tomorrow to see my sister graduating for her phd. I saw her so isolated, working so hard for this moment, I couldnt be prouder of her. He phd is in political economy and she truly is a game changer.

Q:What makes your heart sing?

Honestly observing my 1 year old daughter trying to make sense of things around her and having such a fresh eye on things. That makes my heart sing.... I also love the wave of women standing for each other these days. It s strong! There is such a shift in society. Very exciting time to grow as a woman.

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